Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Leboeuf: ‘season is already over’

Former Blues defender Frank Leboeuf believes Chelsea’s season is already over. Speaking to talkSPORT this morning, Lebouef claimed his old club should concentrate on having a mass clear out and forget about winning any major silverware this season. "Some players are at the end of the cycle and they really need to get rid of some players to buy new players and start a new generation, a new era," he said. "The Mourinho era is over and if Villas-Boas wants to be the 'Special Two' he has to build a new generation. I think the season is already over for Chelsea."

"They have to go into transition this year. They have won the last two games and they still have some hopes but winning the title is going to be very, very hard and they really have to think about the future - and the future is next year" he added, "They can win the FA Cup but the goal for Chelsea is either winning the Premier League or the Champions League and I don’t see them winning the Champions League. I support Chelsea like crazy, I hope they can do something, but you have to be realistic and I think this season will be a black season.”

source: talkSPORT

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