Monday, 15 August 2011

Mikel appeals to a nation to help find his father

Mikel John Obi has delivered an emotional appeal for the release of his father, Michael, after he was abducted on Friday in his native Nigeria. While no ransom demands have as yet been received, police believe that he has been kidnapped. Mikel was informed of his father's disappearance by André Villas-Boas on Saturday morning and opted to play in Sunday's game at Stoke City. The 24-year-old has now issued a public appeal for his father's release. "I just want to say to whoever has got my dad, please just let him go," he said. "He's just an old man, he hasn't done any harm to anyone as far as I know, so I don't know why he has been taken. My family, and my mum especially, are very sad and frustrated about this situation.

"There has been no communication from the abductors. Not at this point. We have not heard anything yet. I really don't have any idea about who might have taken him away. All I can say is, I am from Nigeria, and I have always tried to help my country in every way that I can. Playing for the country, serving the country, in every way that I can. And I think this is the time for the country to help me. So I'm just going to say, whoever has got my dad, whoever knows where he is, please can they contact me, and hopefully he will be released." Dipo Ayeni, the Plateau state police commissioner, said the authorities are "still searching to find Mr Obi's location", with Mikel confirming he would remain in London, and available for selection, while the search continued around Jos.

source: The Guardian

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