Tuesday, 16 August 2011

BlackwaterBLUE rewrites the rule book!

Well, not quite - but I'll have a go at making things a little more interesting. Many have thought that the Barclays Premier League (at least) could do with a refresh of sorts. How could this be achieved? Transfer limits? Wage caps? Goal-line technology? All extremely valid points, and areas of the game that I'm sure will be addressed (and need to be) somewhere in the not too distant future. More immediately, the competition could be made more exciting by simply enhancing the points scoring system. This would encourage more attacking play and make a difference to those occassions when a defence will simply 'park their bus'.

Surely the FA would, or should, consider this enhancement? Moreover, what about UEFA and FIFA?The world's best football league could do with an overhaul. I therefore propose the following changes:
a no-score draw = 1 point;
score draw = 2 points;
home win = 3 points and
away win = 4 points.
To see the effect this would have, I will apply this points system to the 2011/2012 results - as we progress through the season. The 'Enhanced Premier League' will be updated when possible and posted, at the latest, every Tuesday (see right).

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