Monday, 20 June 2011

Manager decision nears conclusion

I was going to suggest, this morning, that the deadline for announcing the new Chelsea manager (as set by Big Ron last week) was now fast approaching, but with all the Modric related activity over the weekend, interest in the appointment of a coach for the Blues had seemed to have fallen away. With a month since Carlo's departure, we had all expected a decision by now, especially with movement in the transfer market (elsewhere) well underway and rumour around Chelsea's own activity at Stamford Bridge growing all the time. Early manager speculation around Hughes, van Basten and even Eriksson was all very interesting but it was only even going to be the return of a certain Dutchman, wasn't it?

I had certainly backed Guus Hiddink all the way (and still do) but it seems that, with the breaking news earlier today, he may now only be in line for an 'upstairs' role. So, what about Andres Villas-Boas then? A rank outsider a few weeks back, the Portugese wonder-manager (who is only 33 - he'll have players the same age as him!) would now appear to be all but appointed. If we are to believe the press reports from Portugal, and other media activity, he may even be 'on his way' to the capital for final talks. This might then suggest a director of football role for Hiddink. Or is it just a smoke screen? Time of course will tell but, whatever the outcome, we appear to be closing in on an exciting few days.

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